The Best Way to Lose Weight

The best way to be healthier and fitter is to use a tried and tested program. A program that gives the best results in the optimum amount of time. Not long ago, I, Josh Holland, was unfit and overweight and had problems with fitness. I wanted to be a fitter, more muscular, generally healthier me.

I checked out a lot of on-line based programs and wasted a lot of time and effort in getting nowhere. This failure eventually led me to discover a weight-loss and muscle building program that not only gave me success, but has spelled success for many others.

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Firstly we have to realize that there are many steps and it will not be easy. At the start, anything is always difficulty, but my program is not a cold turkey program that will bring you more stress. Goodness, No! We already have a lot of stress from work and home. This system will be a long-term sustainable solution to a healthier and fitter you.

Interested? Need to start on a workout now? Well then you should check out these weight lifting programs, which work for a variety of different body types and needs. They are the quickest way to lose weight and are fantastic for shedding that extra fat. Of all the alleged fitness gurus out there, I can genuinely empathize with the bind that you are in. I believe that it is my duty to provide the best tips and advice. That is tips and advice that are based on my personal experience and hard work…advice that will guide you on your path to fitness. Some basic, but practical, advice I can give you is do not go cold turkey.

Sudden and abrupt diet changes actually lead to short term stress and we eventually give in and go back to our old lifestyles. I believe in small, but sustainable changes that build up to a long term healthier you. An excellent example is decreasing soda consumption. I was drinking 3-4 cans of Coke/day at one time, but reduced it to 1/per day as my first small improvement. A terrific start and later on was able to get rid of that soda altogether. The easiest way to do this is to replace one habit with another…so I replaced soda with the now marvelous Sobe Lifewater. I just replaced an unhealthy habit with a good habit. This translates to a tremendous reduction of calories, and more importantly, sugar.

It is vital that we regulate our diet. I recently added several fruits to my daily lunches; I then later added vegetables to my dinner meals. This means more nutritional goodness with less fat and calories.

By now, you can see the big picture. All you need to do is start implementing your small improvements today. I also strongly suggest that you check out Lance Armstrong’s My Plate Calorie Counter (just Google it), at least for a few weeks. It has saved many lives, including my own.