Do you want a secure means of communicating when you are traveling abroad? Would you like to see websites, which for some reason are not available from where you are right now?

Then you want to have PureVPN.com that will provide you with your own virtual private network that offers you a safe and secure way to be on the Internet today.

Today many countries are restricting the access to the internet and that is why a VPV is so important to you if you want to see what is really going on in the world today.

That’s what we will talk about in today’s article; you will learn the Features/Benefits of PureVPN for yourself.

Packages & Pricing

A PureVPN package comes in 2 categories Personnel and Corporate and pricing is variable and corporate accounts have more bandwidth and amenities, but the price is of course higher.

Under the personal category, they offer you 3 plans to choose from.

Standard – Shared IP Address, 30, 30GB a month Cap

Unlimited – Shared IP Address, No limitation or GB cap

Pure Gold – Dedicated IP address, No GB Cap

The pricing for the 3 varies between $9.95 and $15.00 a month. Discounts are available for different subscription plans, such as quarterly, 6 month, or annually, Corporate accounts range from $275 for 25 users, $475 for 50 users, and $925 for 100 users.

You now have one stop shopping for all your VPN needs, Corporate or Personal.


You have primary benefit of connecting anywhere to anywhere in a secure and free from prying eyes your Net activities.

For those in Countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and China you avoid censorship and theft of your Intellectual Properties.

Other Benefits:

No Logging

Multiple VPN Protocol support

Application Support

7X24 Customer Support

High Speed Access

Money back Guarantee

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Pure VPN has large network of servers (450+) and is expanding it almost daily.

Security and Privacy

You have a secure environment that in effect creates a tunnel between you device and your destination in over 89 counties and counting.

PureVPN supports:

SSTP – Windows based systems only



Full 128-bit default

Military Grade data encryption

Pure VPN provides total anonymity, as they do not record any of the following client information:

Session type



Bandwidth usage

Client usage

Sites visited

You are provided with a secure link that is not monitored in any way.

Reliability & Speed Test

The product is stable and is one of the best VPN solutions for 2014 in this respect.

A speed test puts Pure VPN at the lower edge of the performance curve, when compared with the more expensive VPN products, with a download speed of 2.30 MPS and upload of .47 MPS in an independent study.

But, this is still pretty extraordinary considering some of the tested countries were Malaysia and Turkey.


PureVPN runs on Windows and the Mac systems for desktop.

It is also supports you on mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad devices running the iOS operating system. It also runs on almost any Android hand held mobile device.


You have 24X7 support with Live Chat, E-Mail, or Forum support.

This provides the you with multiple access methods to get just the right type of information or problem fixes you need.


This reviewer was pleasantly surprised as in the age of multiple VPNSPs PureVPN delivers consistent and reliable service with features that both the newbie will find useful.

The large network with over 450 servers that reaches out to 89 countries and even offers a custom solution to China’s “Great Firewall” makes it a useful and competitively priced solution to business travelers going abroad to various parts of the world where communications to the home office might be compromised or blocked.

For the casual user you can see news, You Tube, or streaming movies.

The only negative that was found was the installation is not as turnkey as one would like. It requires a little more time to install as compared with higher priced packages.

However, for the features received in return it is an even trade.

PureVPN offers almost everyone the access they need, the content they desire, the anonymity they want, and at a price they can afford.