Buy Quartz Infrared Heaters Save Today

Save BIG On Your Next Heating Bill.. Guaranteed!

Quartz heaters work by radiating infrared heat outwards, projecting the heat produced to objects in front of the heater.  Much like the sun, infrared rays are not visible but will heat far more effectively then your typical wood burning stove or space heater.  Through light reflectors, the infrared heat is directed towards the area or objects desired for heating.

Infrared heaters work best in areas that are poorly insulated or somewhat drafty, areas which cause normal space heaters not to work as effectively.   Quartz heaters are 100 percent efficient in that they do not remove any humidity or oxygen from the air like your electric heat furnace does so you won’t have to worry about that dry icky feeling.

Past customers have stated that these types of heaters are somewhat similar to the feeling of heat you might feel from a campfire.  Although, the temperature can be adjusted to an ideal heating level, keep that in mind when deciding if a quartz heater is right for you.  Although quartz infrared heaters do not heat air, they will still heat entire rooms by heating up the objects in the room, thus passing heat from object to object.

As infrared heaters are best used in areas where people are present, they can be used in a wide array of settings. Maintenance and installation is very easy and quartz infrared heaters will last much longer then your normal space heater.  Quartz infrared heaters are one of the most affordable heating solutions on the market and an investment which will save you some big bucks on your next heating bill (30% to 50%).

Infrared heaters heat instantaneously which means no waiting around for the room to warm up.  Simply turn on the heater to desired setting and viola!

Worried about the environment?  Don’t be!  Since there is no carbon combustion, infrared heaters are envrionmentally friendly and totally human safe.

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