Are You Born With Fat Genes?

There have been many studies over the last 5 years which point to the concept that to achieve successful weight loss is concealed away in your genetics.

Nutrigenomics for instance is structured purely upon the study of how nutrients affect your genetics, and how your genetic structure can change how you behave towards different vitamins. Supposedly, by having a fundamental knowledge of your own nutritional wants, health status and genotype it is possible to establish a personalised weight loss plan to help you get in shape.

Yet whilst this high-tech programme can aid individuals to uncover exactly how much vitamin E they require (to the milligram), having a gene profile completed can charge more than $5,000 per session.

An expensive venture for a profiling system that currently has got little proof that it does actually work…

To date, the only research to be issued based on this thesis was by Stanford University where researchers analysed over 138 overweight/obese patients who were given either a low-fat or low-carb diet, based on their genes.

Of those who were given the right eating programme for their genotype, they lost five times more weight than those on the wrong diet!

However, even despite these statistics, medical experts are concluding that Nutrigenomics won’t be on the market for at least 5 years, particularly at its current price.

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